Custom orthotics and insole/foot orthotic in-house equipment.

Orthotics are the devices we use to realign feet so that they are able to perform more effectively.

Babies with normal feet and legs go through developmental changes to adulthood. Sometimes, because of accidents or inherited tendencies, they may not develop in a normal way. To work normally the foot and leg must have particular ranges of movement and sit in proper alignment to the rest of the body, so that weight is transferred in a particular way through the weight bearing foot. If this does not happen the body is forced to accommodate these abnormalities by making’ compensatory movements. These movements create abnormal forces through the feet and legs causing pain. Just as glasses are used for eyes Prescription Orthoses are used to help feet perform better, reducing trauma and pain.

Podiatrists at Lakes Podiatry are skilled in this area and are able to prescribe orthoses to treat your pain.

Cases where they may be used are:

• Painful feet and knees in children
• Sports injuries e.g. repetitive ankle sprains, shin splints, torn plantar fascia, knee injuries etc
• Inherited abnormalities
• Industrial and other accidents where surgeons have repaired broken feet but movement is compromised
• Arthritic feet, unstable feet in older people
• To reduce hip, lower back, knee pain and sports injuries
• Treating diabetic feet to treat and or prevent ulcers
• Preventing deformities such as bunions

There are many different kinds of orthotics and it is also possible to make them so that they can be worn in high heeled fashion footwear. We refer to these as “Fashion” orthotics.

At Lakes Podiatry we use prescription devices only and no pre moulded or mass produced “orthotics” are used. The device is made by prescription using the information we obtain from your feet, legs and lifestyle.

Prescription orthotics are covered by most health funds in the extras area and can last from one to five years depending on type, patient’s condition and lifestyle.